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RECAP: St. Cecilia Sing

Our St. Cecilia Sing was a great success this year!

We had over 100 people in attendance from parishes around the archdiocese. The choirs and bell choirs performed selections from their repertoires. After the presentations, all musicians participated in a memorial of all of the deceased pastoral musicians who left us this year.

St. Cecilia Sing 2010 Participants

St. Cecilia Sing 2010 Participants

What the young musicians thought. . .

James – I thought the cathedral was amazing !  All the choirs were very good singers.  But the crazy thing is, there sounded like there was more applause for us.

Kally – The cathedral was big and beautiful.  It was very fun and I enjoyed ringing.

Michael – I thought that the cathedral was awesome.  It was a beautiful building and I loved being “in the spotlight” and everyone clapping for us.

Angela – My reaction is:  AWESOME !

Mitchell – I loved being at the cathedral; it was fun and the building was beautiful.

Janet – I thought it was great and easy except for the last piece we played.  The cathedral was beautiful.

Matthew – Playing at the cathedral was a really great experience for me.  I really enjoyed playing Awesome Adoration, especially since it was near perfect.

Katherine – The moment I walked through the doors into the cathedral, I loved the building.  It was bit and beautiful.  The stained glass windows were so detailed.  I was soooooo happy!  Everyone loved how we played! !

Erin – When I walked into the cathedral I looked around, and it was astonishingly beautiful.  During the performances of different choirs, I was looking at the beautiful features of the church, listening to great music.  My experience was wonderful and I’d love to come again.

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