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RECAP: Pastoral Musician Retreat 2011 Highlights

The recent evening of Retreat at St Paul of the Cross attracted a cross section of our members.

The background of attendees ranged from Board members with years of experience in music ministry to those who are deciding whether or not to become a part of their parish’s music ministry.  Fr. Dailey was full of insight for all.  Here are some comments from attendees Sue West and her husband Skip; this was the first time either one had attended any of the Chapter’s events.

Sue: “We are new to the whole music ministry experience, not yet decided on joining our church music group. It was such a blessing to be in the same room with people who appreciate how music can enhance the worship experience.  The peacefulness of the facility, the welcoming spirit of the attendees,the passion with which Fr. Joe gave his talks, the singing and the delicious meal followed by evening Vespers helped to make this such a meaningful experience.”

Skip: “The talks presented by Fr. Joe Dailey helped me to truly understand for the first time certain basic teachings that we have heard before. It was said in such such a way that it finally struck a chord in my soul!”

Editor’s note: Since the Retreat, Sue and Skip now have become an active part of the parish music ministry!!!

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