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RECAP: Vocal Workshop with Deborah Frontczak

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The vocal workshop was a rousing success. Here are some of the reactions that attendees gave us:

“Pointers have been given to me before but without practice and explanation-this was great.”

“Teaching us how to use our muscles and support to sing. I have been to many workshops-this was absolutely the best one ever.”

“The camaraderie with other people from many parishes. I enjoyed Deborah’s knowledge and the pleasant way she presented with such a sense of humor.”

“I liked the presenter’s explanations and the demonstrations she gave because it was easy to follow her directions. Lunch was great, too. Although the distance from my home was far, the workshop and the opportunity to be with other choir singers made it very worthwhile. All the arrangements were great and the enthusiasm and helpfulness of the board members was very helpful!”

“Deborah was comfortable and friendly, as well as instructive in her presentation. Lunch was lovely-nice selections and consideration given for gluten free and vegetarian diners.”

“Deborah’s workshop was one of the best that I experienced through the NPM. I have been trying to incorporate her teaching in my singing. I try to keep in mind the techniques Deborah presented at the workshop. When she had the indvidual coaching, she gave constructive criticism and suggestions to improve oneself. I also shared the suggested vocal exercises with some members of the choir. I hope that NPM will bring her back for another workshop.”

We had such a favorable response that the Board has indeed asked the clinician, Deborah Frontczak, to direct another workshop for our members. She is excited to do so, likely as a winter session. Details will be made available when they are finalized.

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