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RECAP: Spring Plenum with Mark Hayes

Peggy Aoun has served varied roles in the Church of Detroit, from educating young people in the Faith at Holy Family in Novi, to using her talent as a substitute musician when needed at various parishes.  She recently began a new role as Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Joseph’s, Trenton.

Mark Hayes was Inspiring!

I would like to thank NPM Detroit for a great opportunity to have been inspired by Mark Hayes.  He was wonderful to listen to and creative in his method of harmonization on the piano. Always looking for ways to make the music more diverse and yet easy for congregations to follow, Mark provided both elements in his style of play.  He had creative ideas that are easily put into practice.

I have begun to explore some of his techniques creating new improvisations or embellishments in some of the pieces that I play.  He has inspired me to be more creative in the way I approach music.  Thank you once again NPM Detroit for this awesome opportunity.  I am looking forward to more workshops such as this to come to the Detroit area.

Peggy Aoun

Glenn Porzadek is on your Board, and has served as director of “New Harvest”, and has assisted the Music Director at Novi’s Church of the Holy Family, for over thirty years.

What a pleasant surprise this event turned out to be for me!

I serve on the Board of NPM Detroit, as a “Member-at-Large.”  My primary instrument is guitar. Since I knew Mark Hayes was to explore improvisation techniques for pianists, I didn’t really expect to come away with anything particularly useful for me. Frankly, I attended more because I thought I should be there, than because I wanted to be there.  Yet, I know that I always enjoy meeting others who serve as Pastoral Musicians, so….I went.

Wow!  I was riveted by Mark’s presentation! Hayes is a superb communicator, very personable, and a talented, dedicated individual.  His emphasis on the use of chords in their many forms and variations, and how slight changes can add flavor and nuance when used in creative ways, are right up a guitarist’s alley. Every single thing he said and did could be applied to a guitarist’s technique.  We who lead with guitar practically LIVE by use of chords, and his explanations helped me understand some things I’d been doing for a long time without being able to define them, and showed other things that will help me stretch.  I’ll be “prodding” other musicians, experienced or not, with whom I work, into working outside their comfort zones.  Thanks, Mark, and thanks, NPM Detroit.

Members, take advantage of these offerings by your local Chapter.  You’ll be glad you did!

Glenn Porzadek, Holy Family, Novi, and  “Guitarist-at Large”  for 40 years

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