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RECAP: Finale Workshop

Mary Kay Dreyer  had never used a notation software program, but was intrigued, and wondered if it might be useful for her. So, she attended the Chapter’s “Finale” series in August:

In August, our local chapter of NPM offered a workshop in the “Finale” notation software program. The course was taught by Bob McKay, a music minister in our Archdiocese, who also teaches Music Technology in the Grosse Pointe schools. NPM Detroit offered the class to both members and non-members, with the Member discount making it a “real deal.”

Mr. McKay was extremely helpful and accessible. The attendees had varied experience in Finale, from no experience to more advanced usage. The workshop consisted of three evening sessions, a week apart, which allowed some time between sessions to work with an assigned project and explore the software. Bob used a hands-on, step-by-step format, which made the classes user friendly for all who attended. We began with basic Finale notation and progressed to more advanced notation, including the use of midi devices.

This workshop was very beneficial to me, and will help me to do my job more effectively and efficiently. Not only did Mr. McKay offer to be a resource we can call at any time for help, but now I’ve now met other Finale users, and we can be a local network to help each other learn even more.

I would encourage all NPM members to take advantage of the workshops offered by our local chapter. Congratulations to our local chapter for another successful workshop!

Mary Kay Dreyer, Director of Music
St. William Parish, Walled Lake