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RECAP: Cantor Workshop 2010

We asked Bernadette D’Allesandro, of St. Aidan’s parish, to comment about her participation in the Cantor workshop your local Chapter held in October:

I didn’t know what to expect from NPM-Detroit, because this was my first time attending such an event.  I’m happy to say that the recent Cantor workshop sponsored by the Chapter was a positive one. Melanie Coddington, our presenter, helped us to understand not only the designated sections of the psalm that we sing during services, but how to increase awareness of the meaning of the entire psalm from which these are taken. She guided us on techniques to research the psalm for setting, tone and translation before singing it. She demonstrated, then had us implement, vocal exercises, along with some muscle ready exercises to increase the tone quality of one’s voice.  I enjoyed the practical, as well as the theoretical approach.

It would be nice to have more of these workshops.

Bernadette D’ Alessandro
St. Aidan Parish choir member

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