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St. Cecilia Sing! – Sunday, November 12, 2017

St. Cecilia Flyer 2017

Join NPM Detroit for our annual St. Cecilia Sing! A true festival of parish choirs. The event is free and open to the public. No ticket required. Participating choirs must register in advance through the NPM Detroit Eventbrite page.

A free-will collection will support the NPM Detroit Scholarship Fund for Young Musicians.

St. Cecilia Sing! A True Parish Choir Festival!
Who: Everyone.
When: Sunday, November 12, 2017
Time: 3pm
Cost: FREE for audience.
Choirs: Participating choirs must register here.
Location: Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, 9844 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI.

Summer Nights – August 21-24, 2017

Summer Nights 2017 FINAL

From vocal technique to music reading, there is something to be learned at this year’s Summer Nights!

Join NPM Detroit for an exciting week of music making as we explore the “FUN”- damentals of singing and reading music. Deborah Frontczak will work with singers to improve their breathing, posture, and voice production, while Dr. Robert A. Martin will guide singers in the basics of reading music, including pitch, rhythm, and intervals. The week will end with our annual NPM Picnic at 5:30pm, followed by Evening Prayer with a Commissioning of Music Ministers at 7:30pm. Register on the NPM Detroit Eventbrite Page.

NPM Detroit Presents Summer Nights
Who: All metro-Detroit liturgical musicians
When: August 21-24, 2017
Time: 7:00pm, 5:30pm on Thursday
Cost: $25 per person, for all four nights!
Location: Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, 9844 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI.




Reference Materials from Dr. Peter Williamson!

Dr. Peter Williamson, who holds the Adam Cardinal Maida Chair of Sacred Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, shared meaningful insight and knowledge during our Singing the Psalms workshop last month. Dr. Williamson has graciously shared a few of the resources and visual aides used during his lecture. The “Categories of Psalms” chart can be downloaded below. In addition, Dr. Williamson has provided suggestions for personal reading and further study (see list below).

Thank you Dr. Peter Williamson for sharing your knowledge with the liturgical musicians of Detroit!

Categories of Psalms Chart

Dr. Williamson’s Suggested Readings List:
Laurence Kriegshauser, OSB, Praying the Psalms in Christ. South Bend, IN: University of Notre Dame, 2009. ISBN: 026803320X.   Author is Benedictine Scripture scholar.  Combines scholarship with Catholic tradition.

Reardon, Patrick Henry. Christ in the Psalms. Conciliar, 2012 (originally 2000).  ISBN: 1888212217.  Author is Orthodox priest; draws from Father and Tradition.

Richard Clifford, Psalms 1-72 and Psalms 73-150 (Abingdon, 2002, 2003). ISBN: 068702711X and 0687064686.  Accessible scholarly commentary.

RECAP: Vocal Tech II Workshop

This gallery contains 42 photos.

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RECAP: Summer Picnic 2012 Photo Gallery

RECAP: Conducting Masterclass with Christine Jorganoff

NPM Detroit LogoThe Archdiocese of Detroit Worship Office and NPM Detroit present. . .

A Conducting Masterclass
with Prof. Christine Jordanoff

Friday, March 2, 2012

NPM Detroit partnered with the Archdiocese for a Conducting Masterclass, given by Christine Jorganoff of Duquesne University.  The attendees came away with a treasure trove of tips and tricks for getting the most out of their choirs.  Here are some attendee comments, relayed by Joe Balistreri, of our Board, and Director of the Music Ministries Office:

“Joe, I really enjoyed the Jordanoff workshop. I felt that it was professionally done, and Professor Jordanoff worked to make it a meaningful learning experience for everyone. It was an inviting environment that was appropriate for the type of workshop that was taking place. I feel that professor Jordanoff gave everyone valuable bits of information that will make a significant difference in their conducting practices. Thanks again for the opportunity.”

“The workshop showed me I have a lot to learn when it comes to conducting; but in observing the instructor and other participants, I see I have much to aspire to!”

RECAP: Vocal Workshop with Deborah Frontczak

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The vocal workshop was a rousing success. Here are some of the reactions that attendees gave us:

“Pointers have been given to me before but without practice and explanation-this was great.”

“Teaching us how to use our muscles and support to sing. I have been to many workshops-this was absolutely the best one ever.”

“The camaraderie with other people from many parishes. I enjoyed Deborah’s knowledge and the pleasant way she presented with such a sense of humor.”

“I liked the presenter’s explanations and the demonstrations she gave because it was easy to follow her directions. Lunch was great, too. Although the distance from my home was far, the workshop and the opportunity to be with other choir singers made it very worthwhile. All the arrangements were great and the enthusiasm and helpfulness of the board members was very helpful!”

“Deborah was comfortable and friendly, as well as instructive in her presentation. Lunch was lovely-nice selections and consideration given for gluten free and vegetarian diners.”

“Deborah’s workshop was one of the best that I experienced through the NPM. I have been trying to incorporate her teaching in my singing. I try to keep in mind the techniques Deborah presented at the workshop. When she had the indvidual coaching, she gave constructive criticism and suggestions to improve oneself. I also shared the suggested vocal exercises with some members of the choir. I hope that NPM will bring her back for another workshop.”

We had such a favorable response that the Board has indeed asked the clinician, Deborah Frontczak, to direct another workshop for our members. She is excited to do so, likely as a winter session. Details will be made available when they are finalized.

Photo Highlights:

RECAP: Chat and Chew With Lee Gwozdz

Photo Highlights

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RECAP: Spring Plenum with Mark Hayes

Peggy Aoun has served varied roles in the Church of Detroit, from educating young people in the Faith at Holy Family in Novi, to using her talent as a substitute musician when needed at various parishes.  She recently began a new role as Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Joseph’s, Trenton.

Mark Hayes was Inspiring!

I would like to thank NPM Detroit for a great opportunity to have been inspired by Mark Hayes.  He was wonderful to listen to and creative in his method of harmonization on the piano. Always looking for ways to make the music more diverse and yet easy for congregations to follow, Mark provided both elements in his style of play.  He had creative ideas that are easily put into practice.

I have begun to explore some of his techniques creating new improvisations or embellishments in some of the pieces that I play.  He has inspired me to be more creative in the way I approach music.  Thank you once again NPM Detroit for this awesome opportunity.  I am looking forward to more workshops such as this to come to the Detroit area.

Peggy Aoun

Glenn Porzadek is on your Board, and has served as director of “New Harvest”, and has assisted the Music Director at Novi’s Church of the Holy Family, for over thirty years.

What a pleasant surprise this event turned out to be for me!

I serve on the Board of NPM Detroit, as a “Member-at-Large.”  My primary instrument is guitar. Since I knew Mark Hayes was to explore improvisation techniques for pianists, I didn’t really expect to come away with anything particularly useful for me. Frankly, I attended more because I thought I should be there, than because I wanted to be there.  Yet, I know that I always enjoy meeting others who serve as Pastoral Musicians, so….I went.

Wow!  I was riveted by Mark’s presentation! Hayes is a superb communicator, very personable, and a talented, dedicated individual.  His emphasis on the use of chords in their many forms and variations, and how slight changes can add flavor and nuance when used in creative ways, are right up a guitarist’s alley. Every single thing he said and did could be applied to a guitarist’s technique.  We who lead with guitar practically LIVE by use of chords, and his explanations helped me understand some things I’d been doing for a long time without being able to define them, and showed other things that will help me stretch.  I’ll be “prodding” other musicians, experienced or not, with whom I work, into working outside their comfort zones.  Thanks, Mark, and thanks, NPM Detroit.

Members, take advantage of these offerings by your local Chapter.  You’ll be glad you did!

Glenn Porzadek, Holy Family, Novi, and  “Guitarist-at Large”  for 40 years

Photo Highlights

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RECAP: Pastoral Musician Retreat 2011 Highlights

The recent evening of Retreat at St Paul of the Cross attracted a cross section of our members.

The background of attendees ranged from Board members with years of experience in music ministry to those who are deciding whether or not to become a part of their parish’s music ministry.  Fr. Dailey was full of insight for all.  Here are some comments from attendees Sue West and her husband Skip; this was the first time either one had attended any of the Chapter’s events.

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RECAP: St. Cecilia Sing

Our St. Cecilia Sing was a great success this year!

We had over 100 people in attendance from parishes around the archdiocese. The choirs and bell choirs performed selections from their repertoires. After the presentations, all musicians participated in a memorial of all of the deceased pastoral musicians who left us this year.

St. Cecilia Sing 2010 Participants

St. Cecilia Sing 2010 Participants

What the young musicians thought. . .

James – I thought the cathedral was amazing !  All the choirs were very good singers.  But the crazy thing is, there sounded like there was more applause for us.

Kally – The cathedral was big and beautiful.  It was very fun and I enjoyed ringing.

Michael – I thought that the cathedral was awesome.  It was a beautiful building and I loved being “in the spotlight” and everyone clapping for us.

Angela – My reaction is:  AWESOME !

Mitchell – I loved being at the cathedral; it was fun and the building was beautiful.

Janet – I thought it was great and easy except for the last piece we played.  The cathedral was beautiful.

Matthew – Playing at the cathedral was a really great experience for me.  I really enjoyed playing Awesome Adoration, especially since it was near perfect.

Katherine – The moment I walked through the doors into the cathedral, I loved the building.  It was bit and beautiful.  The stained glass windows were so detailed.  I was soooooo happy!  Everyone loved how we played! !

Erin – When I walked into the cathedral I looked around, and it was astonishingly beautiful.  During the performances of different choirs, I was looking at the beautiful features of the church, listening to great music.  My experience was wonderful and I’d love to come again.

Photo Highlights:

RECAP: Cantor Workshop 2010

We asked Bernadette D’Allesandro, of St. Aidan’s parish, to comment about her participation in the Cantor workshop your local Chapter held in October:

I didn’t know what to expect from NPM-Detroit, because this was my first time attending such an event.  I’m happy to say that the recent Cantor workshop sponsored by the Chapter was a positive one. Melanie Coddington, our presenter, helped us to understand not only the designated sections of the psalm that we sing during services, but how to increase awareness of the meaning of the entire psalm from which these are taken. She guided us on techniques to research the psalm for setting, tone and translation before singing it. She demonstrated, then had us implement, vocal exercises, along with some muscle ready exercises to increase the tone quality of one’s voice.  I enjoyed the practical, as well as the theoretical approach.

It would be nice to have more of these workshops.

Bernadette D’ Alessandro
St. Aidan Parish choir member

Photo Highlights:

RECAP: Finale Workshop

Mary Kay Dreyer  had never used a notation software program, but was intrigued, and wondered if it might be useful for her. So, she attended the Chapter’s “Finale” series in August:

In August, our local chapter of NPM offered a workshop in the “Finale” notation software program. The course was taught by Bob McKay, a music minister in our Archdiocese, who also teaches Music Technology in the Grosse Pointe schools. NPM Detroit offered the class to both members and non-members, with the Member discount making it a “real deal.”

Mr. McKay was extremely helpful and accessible. The attendees had varied experience in Finale, from no experience to more advanced usage. The workshop consisted of three evening sessions, a week apart, which allowed some time between sessions to work with an assigned project and explore the software. Bob used a hands-on, step-by-step format, which made the classes user friendly for all who attended. We began with basic Finale notation and progressed to more advanced notation, including the use of midi devices.

This workshop was very beneficial to me, and will help me to do my job more effectively and efficiently. Not only did Mr. McKay offer to be a resource we can call at any time for help, but now I’ve now met other Finale users, and we can be a local network to help each other learn even more.

I would encourage all NPM members to take advantage of the workshops offered by our local chapter. Congratulations to our local chapter for another successful workshop!

Mary Kay Dreyer, Director of Music
St. William Parish, Walled Lake

RECAP: NPM Convention Highlights

Here are some thoughts regarding the recent NPM Convention from a different perspective.  Maria Koncius is not a working musician. As a full time Pastoral Associate at Holy Family in Novi, she is very much involved in the liturgical life of the parish, and interteracts with the music staff on a day to day basis She attended the Convention as a hard working volunteer in the registration area, and thus met attendees from all over the country.

St. Augustine wrote that “singing is praying twice”. Well there was a “whole lotta praying going on” at the NPM convention. It was exciting to see people from all over the country joining together to praise God, to join in fellowship and to be immersed in new ideas and new music. There was a mixed atmosphere of excitement, frustration, and hope. And yet, when it came time to sing, it was the music that raised the spirits, united the participants and praised the Lord.

Maria Koncius, Pastoral Associate at Holy Family in Novi

Photo Highlights: