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Reference Materials from Dr. Peter Williamson!

Dr. Peter Williamson, who holds the Adam Cardinal Maida Chair of Sacred Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, shared meaningful insight and knowledge during our Singing the Psalms workshop last month. Dr. Williamson has graciously shared a few of the resources and visual aides used during his lecture. The “Categories of Psalms” chart can be downloaded below. In addition, Dr. Williamson has provided suggestions for personal reading and further study (see list below).

Thank you Dr. Peter Williamson for sharing your knowledge with the liturgical musicians of Detroit!

Categories of Psalms Chart

Dr. Williamson’s Suggested Readings List:
Laurence Kriegshauser, OSB, Praying the Psalms in Christ. South Bend, IN: University of Notre Dame, 2009. ISBN: 026803320X.   Author is Benedictine Scripture scholar.  Combines scholarship with Catholic tradition.

Reardon, Patrick Henry. Christ in the Psalms. Conciliar, 2012 (originally 2000).  ISBN: 1888212217.  Author is Orthodox priest; draws from Father and Tradition.

Richard Clifford, Psalms 1-72 and Psalms 73-150 (Abingdon, 2002, 2003). ISBN: 068702711X and 0687064686.  Accessible scholarly commentary.